eBook- Success steps for SAP on Azure Migration

SAP on Azure Solution

Customers operating SAP applications on cloud are well-equipped to transform, innovate and revolutionize their operations. SAP customers are moving to Microsoft Azure cloud at a rapid pace. SAP on Azure migration enables customers in:

  • Turning their VMs in minutes
  • Automated disaster recovery and backup
  • Offering SLAs ranging between 99.9% to 99.99% on system availability.
  • Substantial Cost Savings
  • Robust security and more.

Customers embarking SAP on Azure migration initiatives for the first time always raise questions around: 

  • What happens when you need to move your workloads from SAP on-premise system to Azure cloud? 
  • How do you migrate them with minimum downtime? 
  • And, how do you ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible? 

Our eBook would answer the above questions and walk you through success steps in migrating SAP applications to Azure. The game of SAP on Azure migration is played well when you adopt right strategies and approaches that yield the best value.

Download this ebook to get a perspective on top 10 success steps you can follow for stress-free SAP on Azure migration.

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