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Data is the most valuable asset of an enterprise. How you can slice and dice the data to bring meaningful insights determines your business success in the long term. At MSRcosmos we provide you with an array of Data and AI solutions coupled with managed services that can help you gain critical insights, streamline your workflow and improve your decision science capabilities. 

Why customers rely on our end-to-end Data and AI service capabilities? 

  • 90+ engagements supported through via specialized Data and Analytics Centre of Excellence (CoE).
  • Partnerships with leading giants such as Microsoft, Cloudera, Snowflake, SaS and more 
  • Specialization with leading platforms offering Advanced Data Analytics, AI & ML, and automation.
  • End-to-end service capabilities across data transformation, data modernization, data engineering, data visualization,  cloud data management,  data lakes, intelligent analytics for sharper predictability, and more.  continuously.
  • Faster time to market with proprietary solutions  as listed below 
    • H3 Cube - Accelerates data sourcing, ingestion, and analytics
    • Vinci360 - A SaaS based realtime social analytics platform that provides reliable insights and precise decisions

Download our Data and AI services brochure to get an understanding of our service portfolio and customer success stories. 

Data and ai solutions

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About MSRcosmos

MSRcosmos is a fast-growing global IT services company with unmatched capabilities across the service value chain of intelligent automation, cloud, data & analytics, enterprise applications, and IT infrastructure. “Promise delivered” is our brand proposition, orchestrated via staunch delivery commitments, path-breaking solutions, highly differentiated talent, and a methodical approach. This belief has enabled MSRcosmos to be a preferred partner of choice for many customers across diverse industries in the USA, Europe, India, and Australia.