Backup your data on cloud with Azure 

58% traditional backups fail, leaving data unprotected

The pandemic era saw the criticality of effective data backups. Traditional on-premise data backup solutions are highly complex, time-consuming, error-prone, and expensive to maintain. 

Turn to Azure Resilient Infrastructure

  • A one-click automated data backup solution that is easy to set up and tailored to your business needs 

  • Flexible and simple solution that works across all your workloads 
  • Reduces physical footprints and infrastructure costs with its cloud potential 
  • 100% transparency through highly efficient centralized monitoring and management. 

Partner with MSRcosmos for stress-free Azure cloud migration

As an advance specialized Microsoft Azure partner, MSRcosmos can help you with Azure cloud migration using its proven method and approach.  With more than 125+ cloud migrations, MSRcosmos has mastered the art of cloud transformation. 

Download the factsheet to take a closer look at Azure Resilient Infrastructure. 

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